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There are many things that can be said about hotels in Las Vegas USA and in general about the city known for its city of entertainment and gambling. Las Vegas is a very special place where people from all over the world come, here everything is big, bright and exaggerated. There are hotels here in all styles and at all price levels, but many of the Las Vegas hotels are attractions in their own right. Here are some of the most impressive Las Vegas hotels you should know.

Excalibur Hotel

- This is a hotel with its own casino, like many of the luxury hotels in Las Vegas. From the outside the hotel will make you think as if you have arrived at Disney Park thanks to some spiers reminiscent of a castle design. And the truth is that with the roller coaster and playgrounds it is easy to get confused. The hotel opened in 1990 as the largest hotel in the world (over 4000 rooms). Since then its place has been squeezed but apparently it is still in the top ten of the largest hotels in the world. If the choice of hotels in Las Vegas United States has brought you here, you can also enjoy the place's famous shows, laser tag arena and many other attractions that will provide you with entertainment and enjoyment around the clock.

Luxor Hotel

- The name of the hotel already implies everything. This hotel is decorated in the style of ancient Egypt. The design of the hotel includes a huge sphinx statue and a pyramid. The hotel rooms are located inside the pyramid. Also in this hotel you will find a casino with over 2000 slot machines and about ninety game tables. At night you can see the hotel from a distance, thanks to a huge beam of light coming from the top of the pyramid towards the sky.

Venetian Resort

- This hotel may confuse you, you book hotels in Las Vegas USA but feel inside a Venetian palace. This hotel is inspired by Venice and the splendor of it sometimes seems to surpass the original. Here you will not find ordinary hotel rooms but only suites. Inside the hotel you will find an avenue of restaurants in different styles and some say that on holiday in this hotel there is no need to leave the hotel at all.

Sirkis Hotel Sirkis

- One of the best known and oldest hotels in Las Vegas. If you are looking for hotels in Las Vegas USA that are suitable for the whole family, this is probably the hotel for you. This hotel has plenty of surprises and attractions, including attractions for children and youth. Here you will find stunt shows, arcade games, nightlife and restaurants. And of course you can find the famous casino here. It can be said that it is a circus, club, water park, hotel and casino in one place.

These are just a few examples of Las Vegas hotels. There are many more hotels and at different and varied price levels. At Travelor you can easily search for hotels according to advanced filters. Through the website you can also make reservations for hotel rooms at affordable prices.

What to do in Las Vegas

As you can see, hotels in Las Vegas USA are an attraction in themselves, and have a lot to see and do. Las Vegas is a city of many shows and they usually take place in the halls of hotels. You can follow the publications and find the shows that interest you. And of course in general there is an abundance of nightlife and restaurants here. But other than that there are places you might want to visit during your vacation in the city. Do not miss a visit to Fremont Street which is considered one of the must-see attractions. Every night you can see an amazing sonic light show here. Here in Bogas you will also find the largest Ferris wheel in the world - the 168 meter high high roller.

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