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Ashkelon is located along the Mediterranean Sea.

Ashkelon also sits on an ancient city that was in the Bible a Palestinian city and therefore its great importance.

Historic sites in Ashkelon

Many archeological historical sites can be found in Ashkelon. As if to travel in the land of the Philistines in the footsteps of the Bible (Psalms chapter fifteen).

Gat is a major city. One of 5 Palestinian cities also called the five Philistine captains.

The national park - Tel Tzafit - tells the story of the ancient city.

In winter and spring, the mound is surrounded by greenery and spectacular blooms.

Ancient Ashkelon is located on the ancient sea route. Between Egypt and Syria and served as a maritime / land trading post.

All of these made Ashkelon an important city that had heard about its status for thousands of years.


Parks in Ashkelon

Ashkelon has many parks.

The well-known and famous park that will be built - Eco Sports Park. The first park of its kind and scope in Ashkelon.

The park covers the heart of the Agamim neighborhood on an area of 600 dunams.

As part of an ecological corridor that stretches from east to west in the south sand dunes and in the north a natural basin that creates a large winter pool. It is supposed to be used as part of the natural drainage system in the south of the city, as the city suffers from flooding problems.

The park is designed as a contemporary and environmental urban park that conserves natural resources and ecosystems.

The park will serve as a center for Atlantic and water sports activities.

Around the lake are planned: Atlantic Stadium, a guest house for athletes, running tracks, cafes, an open amphitheater, lawns and picnic areas. Hiking and biking trails.

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