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The nightlife in Bucharest is among the most diverse and is considered the best in Europe

First of all it must be said that all about the good restaurants and clubs are located in the Old Town the best and recommended hotel

Close to the old town is the 5-star InterContinental Hotel with large rooms.

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It should be noted that most of the nightlife and parties are held on weekends, those who love nineties music and rock sleep in an alley near a restaurant

Xclusive Grill & Crepes with some highly recommended clubs one of which is the Times Cocktail Bar in the Old Town there

A few more excellent clubs and the songs change by the days, it is recommended to visit by the next clubs on Thursday the Fredo Club,

Friday the Peace Club and Saturday the Kayo Club will also change the Vintage Club and there are people joining it.

There are also pool parties that take place in the summer, it is important to note that there are summer clubs and winter clubs ie clubs that are open in the summer and clubs that are open in the winter should check at the hotel if the club is really open while you are there.

Alcohol and alcohol prices

Bucharest is very cheap when it comes to alcohol or even cola for comparison you can find a bottle of cola for one and a half shekels

Consider your budget for a trip with you going to drink one bottle of beer in the evening or a few cocktails.

The casinos in Bucharest

There are excellent casinos in Bucharest there are people who come just to gamble The casino of the Radisson Blu is the best known and favorite of the Israelis, there is a top floor in the casino for an additional fee when you get free drinks and food there.

There is also a casino close to the Novotel.

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