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I was in Sinai more than 20 years ago and the memory I have left is feelings, heat, desert, camels, a long and exhausting journey.

To our delight, direct flights opened to Sharm and I decided to fly to see what had changed.

Less than an hour we landed and the truth...a lot has changed.

A little background: Sharm is the southernmost city on the Sinai Peninsula (former Ophira) and unlike the other cities in Sinai it is more advanced, has luxurious resorts, plenty of attractions, diving centers, a promenade and the feeling is mostly relaxing!

So I went out to review the hotels and prepared a guide for you so that you too will have a most experiential vacation.

So let's start...

The hotels in Sharm are on an all-inclusive basis, when we talk about all-inclusive we mean 3 meals as a king, free drinks also in the mini bar in the rooms and of course alcohol, and it is enough for two room attendants to fill the mini bar with drinks.

5 star luxury hotels

When we talk about luxury, we are of course talking about RIXOS , the all-inclusive ultra resort for adults only

Located in front of the sea among palm trees, the beach is a sandy beach, at the hotel you can enjoy 7 swimming pools, 7 a la carte restaurants and 9 bars.

At the hotel you can enjoy entertainment evenings, a spacious recreation area and the X Lounge club.

The rooms are large, the beds are comfortable, there is no doubt that it was an extraordinary creative experience

Four Seasons Hotel - Four Seasons Resort

5 stars

Already at the entrance, the splendor and prestige is evident and when talking about paradise, talking about a 4 season hotel!!!! The resort is located on a kilometer-long private stretch of beach and is a paradise of luxury between the desert and the reef

The hotel has 5 outdoor pools, 10 restaurants, an award-winning spa, a fun-filled Kids For All Seasons club for children and an expertly managed PADI diving center in conjunction with one of the best house reefs in the area.

The rooms are large and luxurious, comfortable beds

Also suitable for families, every day the children will be able to enjoy a variety of activities that the hotel offers.

About 15 minutes drive from the airport

Steigenberger Alcazar Hotel

5 stars

Another hotel that left me full of surprises is the Alcazar.....

A unique experience that leaves a taste for more, a private beach measuring 30,000 square meters with an underwater view and three swimming pools, the golden sand and turquoise waters of Navak Bay are simply a perfect place to relax the body and mind.

The hotel has two main restaurants serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 5 a la carte restaurants in different styles.

Two lobby bars, pool bars and a beach bar.

Suitable for families who love luxury.

About 10 minutes drive from the airport

Hotels from the SUNRISE chain:

5 stars

Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort

This is the first hotel I stayed in and it undoubtedly left a taste for more

Located on a private beach in the Sharks Bay area, surrounded by magical gardens.

In the hotel you will find 6 restaurants such as Indian cuisine at the Masala restaurant, Thai dishes at Sabai, Italian food at the La Pergola restaurant, French cuisine at the Côte d'Azur and an international buffet at the Waterfall Grill restaurant.

Spacious rooms, high level of cleanliness, breathtaking views

There is no doubt that the hotel exudes prestige and the service providers go out of their way to make sure we are satisfied.

The second hotel from the same chain is SUNRISE Montemare Resort Grand Select

5 stars

A hotel that radiates luxury suitable for people who like luxury on the one hand and on a reasonable budget

The hotel has 4 outdoor swimming pools, a private beach and restaurants: a buffet restaurant with international cuisine, and 4 a la carte restaurants.

At Manzoku you can enjoy Asian cuisine, including bar sushi, teppanyaki and wok dishes.

Felucca Restaurant serves seafood, and Basilico Italian Restaurant offers great Italian dishes.

At the Gamila restaurant you can enjoy oriental food.

Comfortable and spacious rooms, high level cleanliness, stunning views.

About 25 minutes drive from the airport

The third hotel from the same chain is Sunrise Diamond Beach Resort

5 stars

A hotel suitable for couples and families, the children will be able to have fun in the hotel's small water park and offers a private beach if access to snorkeling

The hotel has 5 a la carte restaurants, 1 open buffet restaurant, 4 swimming pools, and a diving school.

The rooms, as in all chain hotels, are large and spacious, with a high level of cleanliness.

I took the room with a private pool and first line to the sea, which enhanced the experience.

About 25 minutes from the airport

There is no doubt that Sharm leaves a taste for more, it has a relaxing energy from the race of life, pampering hotels, trips, markets

A destination worth returning to again

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