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If you are looking for a pampering vacation, go to the Travelor website and book hotels in Lara Turkey. On the shores of the Mediterranean, near Antalya and in the center of the Turkish Riviera you will find the luxurious Lara which is known for its many and luxurious hotels. This can be a great and pampering vacation for the whole family, here you can recharge your batteries and enjoy every moment.

Travelor - Lara Hotels

Lara is a pleasant and pampering tourist site and you will find in the area a selection of hotels, below are some of the recommended hotels, but certainly not the only ones. We remind you that through the Travelor website you will find hotels at different price levels and at more attractive prices than elsewhere.

Fame Residence Lara & Spa - In this hotel you will find everything you need for a pampering vacation. There is a private beach, a spa center, swimming pools, water slides and spectacular design. Those who spend time in Balara hotels can enjoy internet throughout the hotel, luxurious and cozy rooms and restaurants in a selection of styles that serve everything from Chinese cuisine to Turkish cuisine. Travelor surfers recommend this hotel as a double pampering hotel.

Titanic Mardan Palace - Not only will you find a private beach here, but also one of the largest swimming pools in Europe. Travelers who choose this hotel can enjoy views of the Taurus Mountains on one side, or the Mediterranean Sea on the other. There are 8 restaurants here that will allow you to enjoy Russian, Mediterranean, Japanese, French and Thai cuisine. Without a doubt when it comes to hotels in Lara, this is one of the most impressive hotels and a place worth getting to know.

Royal Seginus - Those looking for Lara hotels are welcome to come and visit this hotel. Travelers can find cozy and luxurious rooms here. Each room has a TV with satellite channels and all the indulgences that will make your vacation enjoyable. The hotel is about twenty kilometers from the city center, the center where all the bars and cafes are located.

Lara Barut Collection - Travelor surfers who have spent time at Lara hotels recommend this hotel, mainly thanks to its spa and Turkish baths. Those who like spa and pampering can greatly enjoy this hotel and also find in it various sports activities. It has 8 restaurants with a different menu and it even includes a vegan restaurant. In the evening you can enjoy the hotel's nightclub and shows put on by the hotel's entertainment staff.

IC Hotels Residence - The pool, the private beach and the abundance of green gardens make this hotel a gem of peace and tranquility and is definitely one of the recommended hotels in Lara. There is a pampering spa where you can get a selection of massage types and a selection of pleasant trips. This is a nice and pampering hotel for the whole family.

Baia Lara Hotel - Imagine a sandy beach with a wooden pier; Imagine a water park with slides and add to it a spa and sports facilities. This could be your next vacation at Lara Hotels. At this hotel which is only 15 km from the airport you will find a high level of pampering and you will enjoy a wonderful vacation.

Travelor - When to visit Lara

Want to enjoy Balara hotels? Late March to late October are the best times to book hotels in Lara. This is the time when the temperatures are high and you can enjoy the sea and the pool. This is the time when all the tourists come and the place is bustling with life and activities. You are welcome to visit the Travelor website and find the hotels in Lara at affordable prices. Apart from the activities, entertainment and indulgences that you will find in Balara hotels, you will find other points of interest and take tours in nearby Antalya. This will be a great vacation and she starts here by searching for hotels on the Travelor website.

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