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Istanbul is an interesting and fascinating historical city that attracts many tourists. It is the seam line between East and West and it is reflected in the architectural style, culture, cuisine and everything that this city has to offer to the many tourists who visit it. In order to enjoy the charm of the city you have to book hotels in Istanbul Turkey, so you can walk around the beautiful sites, markets and mosques of the city.

And ahead of your arrival in the city, here are some things you did not know and may surprise you:

7 things you did not know about Istanbul

1. The city sits on two continents - the city sits on either side of the Bosphorus Strait, with one side being the Asian continent and the other side being the European continent. The European side is the side where most of the tourist attractions are located and the Asian side is the urban area where most of the population lives. When booking hotels in Istanbul Turkey you will probably prefer to stay on the European side.

2. The city of Istanbul was not always called - the city was founded in the seventh century BC under the name Byzantium. In a later period when it was conquered by the Romans it was named Constantinople after the Roman emperor Constantine. Beginning in the nineteenth century the name Istanbul became common, although it had existed before.

3. Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey - Many visitors to hotels in Istanbul Turkey mistakenly think that it is the capital. The truth is easy to get confused. Although Istanbul is not the capital city, it is the largest city in Turkey. Istanbul was indeed the capital in ancient times, but after the Turkish War of Independence in the early twentieth century Turkey opened a new page and made Ankara its capital.

4. Subway from the oldest in the world - Today a modern subway operates in Istanbul, but the original train which was inaugurated in 1875 was at that time the third subway in the world. The world's first subway was inaugurated in London, followed by New York, and then Istanbul.

5. The largest and oldest market in the world - If you came to visit hotels in Istanbul Turkey, you will surely visit the Grand Bazaar. But did you know that this is the largest and oldest market in the world. The market has between 3,000 and 4,000 stalls and is spread over 61 streets. It has 22 gates and has 2 mosques, 4 water fountains and countless cafes and restaurants. The daily number of visitors to the market can reach 400,000 people including tourists and locals.

6. Weather is very different between the seasons - The weather in Istanbul, throughout the seasons, ranges from very cold to very hot. On cold winter days temperatures easily drop below zero and snow is common. On summer days, however, the temperature may reach thirty degrees. If you have booked hotels in Istanbul Turkey do not forget to check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly.

7. For years it was the largest entrance in the world here - in 539 AD the construction of the Church of Aya Sophia was completed. These were the days of the Byzantine Empire. For 900 years this was the largest entrance in the world, until 1520 the Cathedral of Seville was inaugurated in Spain.

In preparation for the visit to the city

Istanbul is a fascinating city and has a lot to see and do. Book hotels in Istanbul Turkey and you will enjoy all the museums, palaces, markets, mosques and churches. Local food is also part of the experience and you should try the street food and local restaurants. Before the trip, you should check the weather forecast and pack the appropriate clothes for the season. In order to get the most out of your visit to the city, you should plan what attractions you would like to visit during your visit to the city.

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