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Book hotels in Budapest and get to know the city on the banks of the Danube, the city which is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and of course the capital of Hungary. Travelers visiting Budapest are expected to discover a magical city full of historic buildings, picturesque landscapes, churches, cultural institutions, authentic markets and plenty of cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy goulash, Hungarian national cuisine and more. A hotel holiday in Budapest is suitable for the whole family and there are attractions and activities here that are suitable for everyone.

Travelor - When to Visit Budapest

Want to book hotels in Budapest for a vacation? Keep in mind that this is a cold country and winter days can be particularly cold. Between December and March the temperature in Budapest is in the zero degree zone and there are also many snow days. Summer is the most pleasant time to visit Budapest, it is a dry season and temperatures can reach 25 degrees. But since many of Budapest's attractions are indoors, you can also book hotels in Budapest in spring and autumn and enjoy the museums and the cozy atmosphere in the cafes.

Travelor - Budapest Attractions

While staying in hotels in Budapest you can enjoy the various attractions of the city. One of the most pleasant ways to enjoy the sights of the city is by boating on the Danube River. Since many of the city's main attractions are located on the banks of the river, you can watch them from the cruise. For example during the cruise you will see Buda Castle, the Parliament House, the Statue of Liberty of Budapest and other interesting attractions. Apart from the cruise, other pleasant attractions that Travelor surfers recommend are a visit to the Millennium Park; Panoramic view from the Fisherman's Fortress; A visit to the Gothic-style Matias Church and the Scenic Baths that can pamper you even on cold winter days.

Travelor - what to eat in Budapest

Goulash is a traditional meat and vegetable stew and you are likely to meet it in many restaurants around the city. But Hungarian food is much more than goulash and during your stay in hotels in Budapest you should also get to know other Hungarian dishes. Travelor website surfers recommend experimenting with other dishes like the Hungarian blinches. Most of us know it as a dessert, but during your vacation in Budapest you are also likely to encounter different versions such as chicken lynches. Another interesting dish is scallop patties served with vegetable stew. And if you still want something sweet and special, come try the gombutz, potato dumplings stuffed with plums.

Travelor - Shopping in Budapest

And how can one spend time in hotels in Budapest without taking the opportunity to do some shopping in the city. Travelers visiting the city can enjoy a great shopping experience that includes modern malls and brands, alongside authentic shops and colorful markets. Hungary is known for its embroidered maps and porcelain art, and if you are interested you can find them in many shops. If you are looking for a place that will give you access to both souvenir shops and well-known fashion shops, you can try the Vachi Pedestrian Street which is considered as one of the popular shopping areas of the city. Lovers of malls and brands can try the Arena Plaza Mall, City Center and others. Those who want to try all kinds of delicious things are invited to the Niedchornok market, an indoor market where you will find a selection of good things.

Travelor - Festivals in Budapest

Most events are in the summer, a time when temperatures are pleasant, but those who have booked hotels in Budapest can find festivals even in the cold season. For Christmas, you can enjoy Christmas markets as well as New Year's events. In August you can enjoy the Sziget Festival, the famous Budapest music festival and one of the most popular.

There are many things you can do during your visit to Budapest. Go to the Travelor website and quickly book hotels in Budapest. At our site you will find attractive hotels in a variety of locations throughout the city and at the most affordable prices.

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